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Amtrak 70' Baggage Car

[Amtrak 70' Baggage Car]
[Amtrak 70' Baggage Car]

Built from a Rivarossi model and based on prototype photos. Additions are grab irons on sides, ends and roof, air brake piping and two-rung steps on sides at ends and below baggage doors. Has Kadee couplers and wheels. Body painted "Platinum Mist" silver; frame, steps, trucks and baggage door window grommets painted black, end doors painted red. Lettered with Microscale decals in "Phase 1" scheme. Dimensions: 10-1/8" L x 1-3/8" W x 1-7/8" H, weight: 7 oz. Only one model available.

Amtrak 70' Baggage Car $60 + $10 shipping (in United States only)
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