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Canadian National 86' 10-6 Sleeper Car

[Canadian National 86' Sleeper Car]
[Canadian National 86' Sleeper Car]

Built from a Rivarossi model and based on prototype photos. Additions are grab irons on sides and ends, two-rung steps on sides of one end, full interior details and white panel in lavatory window. Has Kadee couplers. Body, frame, ends and trucks painted black, two stripes on side and part of grab irons painted white and window frames painted light gray. Lettered with C-D-S dry transfers. Dimensions: 12" L x 1-3/8" W x 2" H, weight: 6-1/2 oz. Only one model available.

Canadian National 86' Sleeper Car $50 + $10 shipping (in United States only)
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