[Mine to Mill Series]

[Hot Metal] HOT METAL: An intimate look inside the fence of a Chicago-area steel mill. The tour starts at the coke works to witness a fiery push of incandescent coke out of an oven and the spectacular steam clouds as the hot coke is cooled down. The next stop is at the blast furnace to watch 3,000-degree molten iron tapped from the furnace on the casthouse floor, with its incredible heat and flying sparks. Hot metal cars are moved into position to be filled underneath the casthouse floor. On the Highline trestle in front of the furnaces, raw materials are brought in and the scale car underneath brings them to the skip hoists. The molten slag flows out of the furnace into a pit for cooling. Other sights in the works include a pig iron caster, the two blast furnaces (one with a brick casthouse), an old hot metal car, SW-1001 locomotives and myriad other details inside the plant.

The second part of the video visits 48 steel mills & foundries in Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Utah, Colorado, Ontario and Nova Scotia. The railroads include the Birmingham Southern, Bessemer & Lake Erie, in-plant steel mill railroads and Pittsburgh mainline trains near the mills.

The DVD includes a self-starting CD that is like looking at a book on a computer, which works in PCs (WIN 2000/XP/Vista/7) or Macs, with 375 photos, and some steel mill documents and publications. Images on the CD can be printed out. (DVD - 98 minutes) US$21.95 + US$16 international shipping

[blank] "Hot Metal"

[Union RR] UNION RAILROAD:The Union Railroad, owned by United States Steel, funnels materials used to make steel to its parent's plants along the Monongahela River. While essentially an industrial switching and transfer operation, the tonnages are immense. In addition to bringing in bulk material and shipping out finished products, it moves products produced at one plant to another one.

The video starts out in North Bessemer where the Union connects with former US Steel sister road Bessemer & Lake Erie and down to the USS Edgar Thomson Works with scenes around the plant. Then it is across the Port Perry Bridge to the Duquesne Class Yard. From the yard, the trip continues south to Grant Street, Bull Run, Dravosburg Tunnel, the Irvin Works and on to the end of the line at the Clairton coke works. There are also side trips on the Munhall, Duquesne and Mifflin branches. Includes snowy winter scenes.

The video footage was shot between 1996 and 2001 and includes spectacular scenes of hot metal car action at the Edgar Thomson Works and historic photos.. The DVD video is 80 minutes long. US$21.95 + US$16 international shipping

[blank] "Union Railroad"

[Ore Boat] ON THE GREAT LAKES: A tour of the Great Lakes looking at the freighters, ferries, passenger liners, ports and docks, following the transportation of iron ore, grain, coal and passengers. The scenes span the period from the 1890s to 2007 and cover Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron and Erie, and the ports of Duluth, Superior, Ashland, Two Harbors, Silver Bay, Taconite Harbor, Port Arthur, Houghton, Marquette, and lower lake ports of Escanaba, Milwaukee, Chicago, Gary, Burns Harbor, Detroit, Toledo, Lorain, Cleveland, Ashtabula, Conneaut and Erie. The Soo Locks are also visited. Includes video of the "Charles M. Beeghly," "Adam E. Cornelius," "John J. Boland," "Roger Blough," "Stewart J. Cort," "Edward L. Ryerson," "Paul R. Tregurtha," "Canadian Enterprise," "Canadian Transport," "American Spirit" and "Indiana Harbor" in Duluth, Superior, Two Harbors and Taconite Harbor.

The 77-minute video contains 623 photos, 26 minutes of video & 8 MM film and narration. The video is on the DVD and photos are on a self-starting CD that plays like a book on a computer, which works on PCs (WIN 2000/XP/Vista/7) or Macs. Images can be printed out. US$19.95 + US$16 international shipping

[blank] "On the Great Lakes"

[Taconite Railroads]

TACONITE RAILROADS & PLANTS ON MINNESOTA'S MESABI IRON RANGE: The focus of the video is on moving taconite, either as pellets or raw rock, by rail from the mines and processing plants to the docks on Lake Superior at Duluth, Superior, Silver Bay and Taconite Harbor.

The Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railway is first followed from EVTAC’s raw taconite loader in Eveleth to the processing plant 10 miles to the south. After a tour of United States Steel’s Minntac processing plant, Missabe pellet trains are shown on the line to Duluth with limestone in side-dump cars headed north (some footage from the mid-1980s). After a tour of Proctor Yard, the brake shoe smoke-enshrouded loaded trains are shown headed for the dock. The Missabe is then followed on the scenic line from the Iron Range to Two Harbors, with a side trip on the Wales branch, and out onto Dock #1.

The Burlington Northern/BNSF is next. After a mine & plant tour of Hibbing Taconite and views of two other plants, the railroad is followed on its mainline to the docks in Superior, Wisconsin and beyond with all-rail trains.

Cliffs Northshore Mining’s railroad operations are viewed from various remote locations to the processing plant at Silver Bay. Concludes with a tour of the taconite processing plant. Also includes photos of predecessor companies Reserve Mining and Cyprus Northshore.

The final taconite hauler is Erie Mining/LTV Steel Mining. The tour starts in the mine, on to the mine-to-plant Alco-powered trains, following the pellet trains from the plant on the 72-mile mainline and then out onto the dock at Taconite Harbor. The Taconite Harbor powerplant that supplied electricity to the taconite plant and mines is toured. The mainline trains feature EMD F-9s and later power at the end of operations (includes footage of Erie Mining). [DVD Two Hours] US$21.95 + US$16 international shipping

[blank] "Taconite Railroads & Plants on Minnesota's Mesabi Iron Range"

[Lake Superior Iron] LAKE SUPERIOR IRON: A trip back to the iron ore & copper mines of the Lake Superior region through postcards, photos, video & film. The video spans the period from the late 1800s to the 1970s and tours the Vermilion, Mesabi and Cuyuna Ranges in Minnesota, the Gogebic and Menominee Ranges in Wisconsin/Michigan, the Marquette Range in Michigan and the Michipicoten and Atikokan Ranges in Ontario. Also shown are beneficiation plants, draglines, loading shovels, mining railroads and underground mining scenes (including a video trip down into one).

The video contains 566 images, video and 8 MM film, comprehensive narration on the mines, table of contents and is 52 minutes long. The video is on DVD and the original photos (with statistics on each mine) are on a self-starting CD that is like looking through a book on a computer which works in PCs (WIN 2000/XP/Vista/7) or Macs. The images can be printed out. US$19.95 + US$16 international shipping

[blank] "Lake Superior Iron"
Either set for US$50.00 (saves $29.90 over purchasing separately) + US$22 international shipping
[Mine to Mill DVD Set #1]
[blank] "Mine-to-Mill" DVD Set #1"
[Mine to Mill DVD Set #2]
[blank] "Mine-to-Mill" DVD Set #2"


[DM&IR] MISSABE RETROSPECTIVE: A look back on the Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range as it was before 1980 through video, 8 mm film, photos, slides and postcards.

The narrated video first features the Missabe in the mining areas, mainline scenes of steam and diesel trains and sights inside Proctor Yard. On the hill down to Duluth, there is film, video and photos of trains on the 2.2% grade, along with a cab ride down to the docks. Next are the ore docks and then onto the line along Lake Superior to Two Harbors. A visit to Two Harbors is followed by a look at Missabe depots and passenger trains. Numerous railfan trains with steam and diesel are relived through film and photos. The video finishes with Missabe diesel power on the EJ&E, Union RR and Birmingham Southern; preserved steam locomotives and memorabilia items.

The film, video, photos, slides and postcards are mostly from private collections that have not been seen before. There is over a half an hour of 8 mm film, about 11 minutes of video shot in 1980 and 543 images. The DVD video is 74 minutes long. US$19.95 + US$16 international shipping

[blank] "Missabe Retrospective"

[DM&IR] DULUTH, MISSABE & IRON RANGE STEAM POWER: The Missabe's steam power fleet was geared to move iron ore from the mines to the docks in Duluth & Two Harbors, with a couple of mixed freights and passenger trains thrown in. Hence the railroad ran some burly power in the form of Santa Fe's, ex-Bessemer & Lake Erie 2-10-4s, ex-Union Railroad 0-10-2s, the huge Yellowstones and the largest 10-coupled switcher. Almost all of the 152 photos were scanned from original 2x4 negatives. The time period is mostly the mid-to-late 1950s and in locations such as Proctor, Two Harbors, Virginia and Mitchell Yard. There are also railfan trips with Santa Fe #506 and Yellowstones.

The presentation is like looking through a book on a computer. The CD-ROM works in PCs (WIN 2000/XP/Vista/7) & Macs and is self-starting. The images can be printed out. US$19.95 + US$15 international shipping

[blank] "DM&IR Steam Power"

[DM&IR] DULUTH, MISSABE & IRON RANGE DEPOTS & STRUCTURES: The Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railway was not a big player in the passenger business, but had a number of depots. In its main business of transporting iron ore, the railroad had some specialized structures to support it, such as ore docks at two ports, along with yards and facilities to service its locomotives. The 94 images come from photos, slides and postcards. The presentation is like looking through a book on a computer. The CD-ROM works in PCs (WIN 2000/XP/Vista/7) & Macs and is self-starting. The images can be printed out. US$15.95 + US$15 international shipping

[blank] "DM&IR Depots & Structures"


[DMIR Package]

A package set of the "Missabe Retrospective" DVD video and the two CD books on steam power and depots & structures for a special price of $US39.95 (a savings of $19.90 over purchased separately) + US$22 international shipping.

[blank] "DM&IR Package"

[Heavy Industry]

[Minnesota Steel] MINNESOTA IRON & STEEL: Minnesota is best known for supplying the steel industry with iron ore, but there were and are a number of Minnesota companies involved in making steel or related to the industry. These companies are Interlake Iron Zenith Furnace, USS Duluth Works, North Star Steel, Koppers Coke and American Iron & Supply. The 223 images are from photos, slides and postcards and range from the early 1900s to the 1990s. Also on the CD are publications and histories of the companies.

The presentation is like looking through a book on a computer. The CD works in PCs (WIN 2000/XP/Vista/7) & Macs and is self-starting. The images can be printed out. US$19.95 + US$15 international shipping

[blank] "Minnesota Iron & Steel"

[Postcards] STEEL, COPPER & NICKEL INDUSTRIES THROUGH POSTCARDS: The 165 historic postcards, some as photos and others as paintings ranging in age from the late 1800s to the mid-1960s, are a glimpse back to when heavy industry was in its prime in North America. The focus is primarily on the steel industry, but also includes other large industries such as copper and nickel.

The presentation is like looking through a book on a computer. The CD book works in PCs (WIN 2000/XP/Vista/7) & Macs and is self-starting. The images can be printed out. US$19.95 + US$15 international shipping

[blank] "Steel, Copper & Nickel Industries Through Postcards"

[Copper & Nickel] COPPER & NICKEL MINING & SMELTING: The 236 images are of copper & nickel mining & smelting in North America. The copper tour starts in Upper Michigan and moves west to Manitoba and the mines in Butte, Montana. Ore-hauler Butte, Anaconda & Pacific is followed to Anaconda where the giant Washoe Works is toured. In Utah, Kennecott's operations are viewed with the final stop at the Lavender Mine in Arizona. On the nickel tour, the mother lode of Sudbury, Ontario is first with visits to INCO and Falconbridge mines & smelters. Next is INCO at Thompson, Manitoba and finally Hanna Nickel's Riddle, Oregon ferro-nickel operation. The CD includes a 44-page brochure on the Washoe Reduction Works put out in 1920 by the Anaconda Copper Mining Company (PDF format). The presentation is like looking through a book on a computer. The CD works in PCs (WIN 2000/XP/Vista/7) & Macs and is self-starting. The images can be printed out. US$19.95 + US$15 international shipping

[blank] "Copper & Nickel Mining & Smelting"

[Tod Engine] TOD ENGINE PROJECT:The Tod Engine is a stationary steam engine that was used to power a rolling mill at the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company Brier Hill Works in Youngstown, Ohio. The engine was built in 1913-14 in downtown Youngstown, Ohio by the William Tod Company and operated until 1979. The last Tod rolling mill engine was built in 1920, and of the several hundred that were once in use, only about a half dozen remain today. The Tod engine is the largest of its type still in existence.

The video follows the efforts of the Tod Engine Foundation members, after giving up on saving the Jeannette blast furnace, they move on to take apart the giant steam engine, remove it from the building owned by North Star Steel and preserve a part of Youngstown‘s industrial heritage in Youngstown. The video concludes with visits to other steam engines in two steel mills and a giant water pump. (DVD 40 minutes) US$19.95 + US$15 international shipping

[blank] "Tod Engine Project"


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