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[M&StL] MINNEAPOLIS & ST. LOUIS RAILWAY: This video has been re-edited with 20 minutes more material (bringing the length to over an hour), the presentation has been re-arranged and has new narration.

The Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway, a line with a selling point of avoiding Chicago congestion, has been gone since 1960. Yet, it still remains a fascinating railroad.

The video, through 663 images and some 8 mm film, starts out in St. Paul and Minneapolis and heads west through Minnesota and South Dakota. Back in Minnesota the tour drops south from Winthrop into Iowa to the connection with the Des Moines line. Back to the Twin Cities, the mainline is followed south to the border, then onto the secondary mainline in Iowa to Des Moines. Back to the Minnesota border the mainline is followed south and east through Iowa and Illinois to Peoria. The video concludes with two railfan excursions and memorabilia.

The narrated DVD video is 65 minutes long. On the CD are images of rolling stock, calendar art, advertisements and memorabilia, along with (in PDF format) passenger & employee timetables, a 1938 Industrial Guide, annual reports, brochures and a 1960 railfan trip booklet. CD contents can be printed out. $19.95 + free shipping (in the United States only)

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[Burlington Route] BURLINGTON ROUTE - EVERYWHERE WEST: A look back on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy through photos, slides, B&W negatives and 8 MM film.

The video starts out on the Chicago-Aurora “racetrack” and then moves up the Mississippi River to St. Paul and Minneapolis. This latter segment has quite a few views out the front window of an F-unit in 1948. A fair amount of time is spent in the Twin Cities seeing the facilities, locomotives and sights. Back to Aurora, the line to Galesburg is explored and then the rest of the Illinois lines. After a short trip to Missouri and Kansas, the Iowa branchlines are toured before heading west from Burlington. In Nebraska, the branchlines are first visited and then heads northwest to Wyoming and Montana. The western mainline to Casper is followed, with a number of scenes in the Wind River Canyon, ending up in Denver. Back to Nebraska, the southern mainline is followed into Colorado to Denver. The video concludes with railfan trips from the 1950s and early 1960s and memorabilia.

The DVD video is 91 minutes long. Includes a CD photo book with historical brochures. $21.95 + free shipping (in the United States only)

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[James J. Hill Lines Package]

A four DVD package set of the Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Burlington Route and Spokane, Portland & Seattle videos for a special price of $44.95, a savings of $30.85 over purchased separately + free shipping (in the United States only).

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[Bypassing Portland] BYPASSING PORTLAND - A CAB RIDE ON FORMER SP&S OREGON LINES: A rare look at former Spokane, Portland & Seattle’s lines in northwest Oregon from a GP-38 cab window. The train is #663 plying the Vancouver, Washington to Beaverton, Oregon route via Cornelius Pass on August 3, 1991 during the Burlington Northern era.

The train leaves Vancouver, immediately crossing the Columbia River swing bridge and a few miles south goes over the Willamette River lift bridge. The route then heads into heavily forested terrain with grades, high bridges and a tunnel. After Bowers Junction, the countryside becomes rolling hills with groves of trees and agricultural land. The DVD video is 42 minutes long. $19.95 + free shipping (in the United States only)

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